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About Wild Hart

We offer truly unique, nostalgic experiences which communicate our passion for conservation and regenerative agriculture. Wether our Shire horse experiences or deer park tours we believe strongly in starting a conversation about conservation which we hope can have a long lasting and substantial effect on increasing biodiversity in the British countryside through education and inspiration.

Booking Policy

Devon Shire Carriages Terms and Conditions We are delighted that you have booked with us and look forward to welcoming you on our nostalgic Shire horse and carriage ride! Please read through our Terms and Conditions. If you wish to talk to us about your booking, please phone Victoria on 07581 384 907 (however email is preferred) 

Our Terms, Conditions and expectations for carriage rides;- please only book if you and your party are fit and well and able to travel on our carriage. 

Hand sanitizer will be available to use at all times. Please be aware that if the conditions are Icey or there is thundering/lightening/stormy weather then we will postpone your booking and reschedule a suitable time and date with you. 

 Please arrive at your agreed booking time and location where we will meet and greet you. 

When riding on the carriage, please stay seated with your arms, legs and head inside the carriage at all times. DO NOT attempt to stand up whilst the carriage ride is in motion or when stationary until advised by the Driver and Groom that it is safe to do so. Please do not touch, pull, hold onto anything outside the carriage such as tree branches, bushes, signs, vehicles, pedestrians, as this could result in serious injury or damage to the carriage. And DO NOT lean your body out of the carriage for risk of falling or personal injury.

Please do not shout, scream, cry, wail or screech as this may frighten the horses and cause them to spook resulting in possible damage to the carriage, injury to the horses, personal injury of passenger/guests and staff on the carriage & damage to personal property.

Please do not stand up whilst the carriage is in motion and do not change seats. Please do not attempt to leave the carriage when the door is closed, and /or the carriage is in motion. And always wait for the Groom to be in full view at the rear of the carriage & await the Groom to give the all clear as to opening the door and vacating the carriage when it is safe to do so. (This action will be exempt in an emergency whereby passengers/guests may need to unlock the carriage door in order to vacate the carriage to safety).

Please always listen and adhere to all the instructions given by both the Groom and Driver. As the passenger/guest you understand the potential dangers that could incur in riding on the carriage. In the event of injury and damage to the passenger/guest or the property of the passenger/guest, Devon Shire Carriages will be fully and forever discharged from all liability, claims, demands and causes of action.

Thank you

Cancellation Policy

Moderate Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 30 days before the activity is scheduled to start.